The History of The Meadows

"At Daniel Health Care, we take the responsibility for caring for our patients very seriously, therefore we make every attempt to ensure that a stay in our facility is a success."

Daniel Health Care has always strived to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. This is due to the leadership of DHC’s owner and administrator, James C. Holland. Mr. Holland has always led by example, and continually emphasizes the importance of teamwork. “Spokes in the wheel” is the approach that has given Daniel Health Care the reputation for quality that we have today. Another common phrase that those of us who have been with the company for a while is that of “not getting into the habit of resting on our laurels”. Mr. Holland has taught us that we should never be content with the status quo, but rather always look to the future, and to be proactive, rather than reactive. In recounting the history of Daniel Health Care, these principles are evident time and time again.

Daniel Nursing Home was established in 1969 by the wife of Dr. William Daniel. In 1972, James Holland was approached about purchasing the home, and this became a reality in 1973. The size of the facility increased from 52 beds to 120 beds in 1974.

In the 1990s, the dynamics of the health care industry began to change as consumers began to look for rehabilitation services outside of the hospital setting, and as the public became more aware of Alzheimer’s disease. In response to these needs, a therapy staff was hired, and Daniel Health Care began offering sub-acute rehabilitation services as well as increasing the size of the facility again to 130 beds with the addition of the only Alzheimer’s unit in the state at that time. 

Daniel Health Care, Inc. has continued to grow since then with the renovation of our sub-acute rehabilitation unit and the addition of our 3700 square feet independent rehabilitation unit in 2002.  This state-of-the-art unit provides a beautiful place for patients to recuperate and recover and provides a much-needed service for our community. In August of 2004, Mr. Holland began to have a “vision” of a replacement facility. This vision began to dwell in his mind to the point that, as he stated, “It became a burden.” In December of 2004, a site was chosen, and in January of 2005, after the site was purchased, we entered into an agreement with an architectural firm to begin drawing up the plans for the new facility. Initial plans more than surpassed Mr. Holland’s original dream and truly fulfilled the Daniel Health Care, Inc. motto of “A Vision of Hope for a Better Tomorrow”.

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